Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Plot Summary Harry Potter prequel, sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, by JK Rowling
Magizoologogist Newt Scalamander (Eddie Redmayne) joins forces with Dumbledore
DirectorDavid Yates
WriterJ.K. Rowling
Running time120 minutes
Statusin post production
Production CompanyWarner Brothers
Known Crew crew
Mike (S.M.C.) Silva 3rd AD Runner
Jamie Read Acolyte (Feature extra)
Heather Rackstraw Art Department Assistant
Colette Williams Assistant Scenic Artist
Bethany Morton Costume Alterations
Izzy Rook Costume Assistant - work placement
Jake Kensley Costume Assistant, Runner
Heather Waterton Costume Maker (Men's)
Lorraine Koh Costume set trainee
Olivia Hulme Costume Textile Artist
Alex Irvine Crowd 3rd AD
David Yates Director
Alice Cousins Graphics Assistant
Lisa Pantaleoni Hair and Makeup Trainee
Ben Mickshik Lock-Off PA
Tamsin Roberts Makeup and Hair Trainee: Crowd
Sharon Young SA
Eolande Diaz Set PA
Jack Woods Sound Assistant (Dailies)
Sean White Stand-In
Jamie Buchan Standby Props Trainee
Emily Hudson Tailoring Daily
Eloise Geffryes Trainee Costume Maker
Hattie Leviston Trainee Hair and Makeup
J.K. Rowling writer
Known Cast cast
Sebastian Stephen Acolyte
Zhivko Ivanov Acolyte
Lucas James Acolyte
Alexandra Ford Acolyte
Elizabete Zauere Amphitheatre high-class guest. Extra.
Sara Mason Amphitheatre Sprite
Belal Sabir Amphitheatre Wizard
Kalvin Gregory Ampitheatre Crowd
Stuart Daly Auror
Megan Simpson Ball Room Girl
Christopher Birks Cassius 'Young Auror' Bell
Johnny Mindlin Circus Audience
Trevor Bennett Circus Customer
lshola Akanni Circus Passerby
Chris Eccles Circus Specator
William Jeremy Crowd and Passerby
Olga Zadoroznaja Crowd witch
Maria Pearson Dark Grindelwald Follower
Callum Needham Eddie Redmayne, Newt Scamander (Double)
Olivia Bohac Extra
David Guy Extra
Thea Brown Extra
Harry Sanders Extra (Hogwarts Student)
Alo Raptopoulos Extra, Supporting Artiste
Phoebe Bryant Featured Extra
Ivana Reed featured lover
Sarah Sayuri Hare French Auror
Ker Milan French Gentleman (Dark Wizard)
Daniel Spicer French Muggle
Ana Cilas French Muggle
Susanne Schraps French Mum in Café
Conor Lane French Wizard (Supporting)
Ian Morine Frenchman in Hotel
Grace Slattery Hogwarts Student
Rosie Coyle Hogwarts Student
Jacob Brain Hogwarts Student
Kate Meczynska Irma Dugard ; Leta Lestrange - stand in
Ben Killingback Magical Passerby
Moni Moni magical person
Kai Cooper Magician
Joakim Skarli Ministry of Magic Wizard
Henny Hardy Mother (Mrs Parry)
Emma Holt Movement for CGI and a MUGGLE
Charlie Garnier Muggle
Claudius Peters Nagel
Maja Bloom Named Role (tbc on the release in 2018)
Justin Silver Parisian
Zahra Gobir Parisian
Devlin Lloyd Parisian Cafe Worker
Sandra Podgorska Parisian Passer-By
David Gambier Parisian Passerby
Jeremy Barras Prisoner
Marek Lichtenberg Prisoner Guard
Clem So Pure-Blood Wizard
Christine Callaghan Refugee
Sharon Young SA
David Barton SA - magical Passer by
Maddie Evans School Child
Amii Freeman Ship Passenger
Stephen Woollard Skender body double
Jamie Neagle Skender Double
Ella Phillips Soup kitchen child
Tim Ingall Spectrum
Vince Hanratty Stand-in
James Payton Stand-in, Cast reader Dan Fogler, Jude Law, Johnny Depp
Charlie pawlett stunt performer
Patrick Turner Supporting Artist
Ben Richardson supporting artist
Janet Bellairs Supporting Artist for circus scene
Richard Green Supporting Role
Michael Goward The Iceman
Matthew Cox UK Auror
Jonathan Saint-James UK Auror #5
Adam Broomfield-Strawn VOLTAIR MASTER
Kayt Webster-Brown Wife
Lotti Kovari Witch
Jan Freygang Wizard
Michael Richards wizard
Michael Douglas Yusuf Kama - Stand In
Known Companies company
Heyday Films Warner Bros. production company
Triton production company
Warner Bros production company
Warner Bros, Heyday Films production company
Warner bros. production company
Warner Bros. Ltd. production company
Warner Brothers production company
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