The fire
Plot Summary A retired army captain fights against drug mofia of younger generation.
A family of three generation with retired captain ,his son and daughter-inlaw, their lonly son a technical graduate who is involved with his criminal friends due some unavoidable circumstances during student life. The most obedient fellow becomes an addict of drugs with his friends. he was not allowed to become a normal guy. his parents tried to save him from the clutches of the criminals but failed . The grand father too warned the criminals to free his grand son but no result.Unfortunately the grand son fell ill with multiple infection like lungs and lever which made the captain to worry too much. The doctor advised the captain to avoid his grand son from all sort bad habit like drug abuse, the captain determines to do so as according to doctor.
One day the criminals raped the nurse who was living in captain house. The captain decides to eliminate all the criminals involved in drug peddling and abuse of drugs and then he calls them through the same nurse to his house and eliminates and saves his grand son.THE END.
Genres Action Asian Crime Family Gangster Medical
Running time113 minutes
Production Companynr films
LocationBangalore, India
Known Crew crew
Known Cast cast
No known crew
Known Companies company
nr films production company

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