My Turtle Dove
Plot Summary A patriotic film celebrating diversity and tolerance in modern day Britain.
In the wake of Brexit, the country is divided and an unstable political climate in the UK is apparent, with tensions high between the British people. Britain is currently home to millions of foreigners and British-born ethnic minorities. Today’s tense social environment has seen hate crimes against these minorities soar, fuelled by the misrepresentation of immigrants in the media. Recent terror attacks have only further isolated already vulnerable communities. At times like these, it’s more important than ever to put forward a message of inclusion and unity.

My Turtle Dove is a patriotic film capturing the beauty, tolerance and diversity of modern day Britain. It showcases what it is to be British and all the great things we love about our country. The film focuses on people, events and traditions, many of which are a direct result of an inclusive attitude and Britain’s cultural diversity. From our festivals to our favourite foods we celebrate what makes British culture so special.

[My Turtle Dove: 1. A dainty european bird usually found in the UK during spring and summer months 2. A sweetheart or beloved mate 3. Cockney rhyming slang for ‘Love’]

This film is both mine and Jay Stephen's directing debut. Our collaborators on the film include music producer TCTS, film maker Francis Lane from Silent Tapes ( and Post Production House; Time Based Arts ( All people starring in the film are not professional actors or models but just different groups of young people who offered to be filmed as part of this project. The entire film was created on a budget of under £2k.

We filmed over 5 days in various locations in the UK including Brighton Pride and Notting Hill Carnival (both great examples of tolerance and diversity). The film was shot through the eyes of four main characters from a range of different ethnicities and sexual orientations to portray the diverse range of British people. With diversity behind the camera as well as in front of it, this project represents the importance of standing together and promoting a positive message.
DirectorJay Stephen, Ralph Briscoe
ProducerJay Stephen, Ralph Briscoe
WriterAshica Stephen, Jay Stephen, Ralph Briscoe
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Genres Art-house Documentary Gay and Lesbian Romance Short
Running time7 minutes
Production CompanyTime Based Arts
LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Known Crew crew
Sam O'Neill Composer
Francis Lane Director of Photography
Ralph Briscoe Director, Editor, Producer, Visual Effects Artist, Writer
Jay Stephen Director, Editor, Producer, Writer
Ashica Stephen Writer
Known Cast cast
Christian Gordine Main Cast
Frank Kennington Main Cast
Deepica Stephen Main Cast
Eleanor Mukabi Main Cast
Known Companies company
Time Based Arts Post Production Company

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