Wulver's Land
Plot Summary A self-discovery journey through the folklore of the magical Shetland Islands
An Italian filmmaker’s enchanting journey through the mystical lands of the Wulver. The Wulver is a legendary creature, a gentle soul in a werewolf body, whose only purpose is to connect with the surrounding world and its people. Will the filmmaker find the Wulver? She is not just seeking the legend, but she will also find herself in this foreign land, the beautiful Shetland Islands, by discovering how similar her memories of a familiar land and the creature’s home can be, and how much humankind has in common with those diverse and forgotten magical creatures of the folklore.
DirectorChiara Passarini
ProducerHolger Mohaupt
Genres Documentary Experimental Historical Independent Short Student
Running time15 minutes
Statusin post production
Production CompanyUniversity of Glasgow
Known Crew crew
Chiara Passarini Director, DoP, Editor
Holger Mohaupt Producer
Known Cast cast
No known crew
Known Companies company
University of Glasgow production company
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