Zendegie Bedoone Zendegi

English: Life without Life
Plot Summary A young musician collects his sick father's money from debtors in an unusual way.
Ardeshir Suffers from lung cancer and has only six months to live. Satyar(Ardeshir's son) is a musician and collects his father's money from debtors in an unusual way.
DirectorKaveh Moeinfar
ProducerKaveh Moeinfar
WriterKaveh Moeinfar
Genres Drama Family Foreign Language Independent Medical Musical
Running time90 minutes
Production CompanyAsriran Pictures
LocationTehran, Iran
Known Crew crew
Kaveh Moeinfar Composer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Editor (Deputy), Producer, Writer
Known Cast cast
Kaveh Moeinfar Abbas Ataei
Known Companies company
Asriran Pictures production company
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