Plot Summary Curanderos is a film trip through Peru in search of the hallucinogenic brew Ayahuasca.
Curanderos is a film trip through Peru in search of the sacred hallucinogenic brew Ayahuasca. Director Egor Indiani sets off for a journey on which he meets people from a world of various cultural backgrounds. Based on his own experiences with the plant, he creates a mosaic of interviews introducing its positive potential for healing, psychotherapy or self-development, while at the same time pointing out the problematic aspects such as prevalence of charlatans associated with the spread of 'Ayahuasca tourism' in the region, the indigenous philosophy of black vs. white magic and the risks related to irresponsible use of this once sacred medicine. The film is a one man guerrilla-documentary concept, which evolved with the active participation of volunteers and psychonauts from all around the Europe, South America as well as psychedelic society in Czech republic.
DirectorEgor Indiani
ProducerEgor Indiani
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Genres Adventure Documentary Experimental Independent Travel
Running time39 minutes
Production Companyone man pictures
Financial Overviewselfproducing
Budget4000 eur
Aspect Ratio2:35:1
Known Crew crew
Egor Indiani Director, Producer
Known Cast cast
Filip Tylš interviewed scientist
Known Companies company
one man pictures production company
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