My Friends
Plot Summary Children Song about Friendship
Children’s works are handed down from generation to generation and sharing them is a source of fun for us. Yet, children’s songs seem to be less commonly-heard today, though people of all ages continue to listen to music.Research has shown that exposure in early years by play and listening to songs plays important roles in providing school children or younger generations with opportunities to be immersed in an environment conducive to learning and entertainment. This has clinched an International Award for Best Soundtrack and Best Animation MTV in Bali Royal International Film Biffest (2017/8). This song has also aroused awareness in Asia and many parts of the world. Friendship always leads children to a learning community, having fun at play and studies. It is always hoped it will provide every one of us with even more communicative values. We have also been glad to see “My Friends” has set this tone for the excitement as a cohesive society.
DirectorRichard Wan Kum Wah
ProducerRichard Wan Kum Wah
WriterRichard Wan Kum Wah
Genres Animation Asian Children Educational Music Video Student
Running time3 minutes
Production CompanyVVM Enterprise
LocationSingapore, Singapore
Known Crew crew
Richard Wan Kum Wah Animation Producer, Composer, Compositor, Director, Editor, Music Supervisor, Producer, Writer
Known Cast cast
Richard Wan Kum Wah Animation
Known Companies company
VVM Enterprise production company

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