Second Love criminal Mind
Plot Summary one frusteted boy 2 girls one demanded
There is a psycho character in this movie whose demand is already a demanding girl, now she wants to live correctly in her life, but the girl seems to be troubling her again and again, though I meet her What happens to the other girl who likes this boy, then what the boy wants to get the girl to kill the first girl is based on this story.
DirectorAmit Singh
ProducerAmit Singh
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Genres Crime Drama
Running time20 minutes
Production CompanyLemon Chillies Films Production
LocationAGRA ,UP India, India
Known Crew crew
Amit Singh Choreographer, Colourist, Director, Director (Self Shooting), Editor (Avid), Producer
Known Cast cast
Amit Singh Producer
Vivek Saxena Rahul
Known Companies company
Lemon Chillies Films Production production company
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