Wonder Boy
Plot Summary Following a traumatising family event, Ben loses his relationship with reality – believing he possesses supernatural abilities, which he must hone.

Gary, Ben's brother, tries his best to maintain Ben's mental state, but his delusional dissociation with Earth is too much for Gary to cope with.

Is a suggestion from Gary's girlfriend the key to helping Ben finally come to terms with his loss?
DirectorBen Molyneux-Chan
ProducerBen Molyneux-Chan, Thomas McNaught
WriterBen Molyneux-Chan, David Short, Will Kelly
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Running time6 minutes
Production CompanyAnnisiom
Known Crew crew
Thomas McNaught Cinematographer, Producer
Ben Molyneux-Chan Director, Producer, writer
Will Kelly writer
David Short writer
Known Cast cast
Ben Molyneux-Chan Ben
Shaun Fagan Gary
Known Companies company
Annisiom production company
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