The spell
Plot Summary Filmed mostly in a fishing village.
Digna, casts a mysterious inherent witch-like-spell with her glance alone. This brought her to the city for some years only to go back, after an unfortunate tryst with her gay boss, to her home village in the rural area in a remote Province. Her life as an outcast takes her to misadventures due to her spell and yet helps a lost soul solve the latter's death due to rabies.
DirectorKragi Garcia
ProducerPrincessille Garcia-Caylao
Genres Asian Asian Drama Educational Independent Independent Medical Medical Mystery Mystery Supernatural Thriller
Running time138 minutes
Statusin post production
Production CompanyKapisik Films
LocationMasantol, Philippines
Known Crew crew
Kragi Garcia Art Director, Camera Operator (HD), Casting Director, Cinematographer, Composer, Concept Artist, Director, Director (Self Shooting), Director of Photography, Editor, Editor (Offline), Graphics Designer, Lighting Director, Location Director, Music Supervis
Princessille S. Garcia-Caylao Executive Producer
Princessille Garcia-Caylao Producer
Known Cast cast
Carmella Manansala Digna, the main character, Main Character
Liza Lacap Digna's mother
Rosario Flores Herbalist, quack doctor, grandmother of Digna
Cherry Rose Guinto Karen, second lead, protagonist
Marco Paulo Lacap Kiko, the main antagonist
Justine Kylie Bie Vince, the main protagonist
Known Companies company
Kapisik Films production company

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