English: The Woman
Plot Summary SOCIAL FILM
According to Indian mythologies, women are considered to be the center of immense energy and power. At the same time women have been a target of social evils and objects of oppression. Sita is a provocative short film, revolving around the issue of rape in the modern world. The protagonist is about to be attacked by three men for rape and what she does, depicts a deep universal meaning and significance. Sita is inspired by Ramayana, where mother Sita is believed to be born out of the Earth and after a life of displeasure and suffering, she chose to merge with the Earth. The laxman rekha drawn by her brother -in- law was to protect her from any evil. Despite that she was taken away by Ravana, the villian in the story. Sita is a representative for all women out there who have the blessing of nature to procreate, the power to give birth to a new entity in the world. A mother's womb is a symbol of universal power that a woman possesses. The crime against women such as rape is a disrespect of this universal energy which human beings are bound to protect and preserve.

Director Biography
DirectorSandip Pratihar
ProducerSandip Pratihar
WriterSandip Pratihar
Genres Crime Short Women
Running time6 minutes
LocationKolkata, India
Known Crew crew
Sandip Pratihar Director, Producer, Sound Designer, Writer
Known Cast cast
Sandip Pratihar Haripada Maity, Ramasankar paul, Madhumita Kundu, Tanmoy Saha
Known Companies company
JALCHHOBI PRODUCTION production company
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