Plot Summary After receiving a message, a young woman reaches out to the person at the other end of their correspondences.
A young woman has been exchanging letters with an unknown person. After a long correspondence, she's at a loss of how to respond to a certain message that makes her question her reality.
DirectorEmmanuell Sarriera
ProducerLeandro Torres
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Genres Drama Fantasy Mystery Short
Running time4 minutes
LocationBurbank, United States
Known Crew crew
Jude Abadi Camera Assistant, Focus Puller
Emmanuell Sarriera Cinematographer, Director
Mohammad Habbal Colourist
Leandro Torres Executive Producer, Producer
Mohammed Alaali Key Grip
Alix Seskin Production Designer
Known Cast cast
Emmanuell Sarriera Director of Photography
Amanda Fredholm Sarah
Known Companies company
No known companies

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