Plot Summary Filmed in a totally independent way, "Montecastro" is a dramatic comedy, which explores new social, cultural, family and racial relationships in this great Latin city of the 21st century, which is the city of Buenos Aires.
Written and directed by Julian Reboratti, this fictional feature film describes the lives of several dissimilar inhabitants of a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city during two hot and hellish Christmas days and the spiral of violence that, irrepressibly and irrepressibly, will be generated between all of them.
His Sound Band has the star participation of Las Pelotas, Kevin Johansen, Miss Bolivia and Los Heladeros del Tiempo, (among others), reflecting the spirit of this era and that Montecastro exposes in a sincere and direct way.
DirectorJulian Reboratti
ProducerJulian Reboratti
Genres Comedy Drama Gangster Independent
Running time85 minutes
Production Companychinche molle
LocationBuenos Aires, Argentina
Known Crew crew
Julian Reboratti Director, Producer
Known Cast cast
Ana Rivoira Ana
Emiliano Garcia Blaya Don Carlos
Martin Cutino Nico
Known Companies company
chinche molle production company
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