Tampa Theatre The Mighty Overture
Plot Summary The Pipe Organ History at Tampa Theatre (Florida, USA)
In 2008, the film passion attracted the attention of Marcos Craveiro, a Brazilian filmmaker and travel writer visiting Tampa, who began making plans for a return trip and a documentary short that would capture the heart and soul of the Wurlitzer, the Tampa Theatre, and the people who keep both alive and thriving.

The result, A Mighty Overture, has already been accepted into the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences archive and the collection at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles , UCLA FILMS ARCHIVE and Cineteca de Bolgna in Italy among others. And in celebration of Tampa Theatre’s 91st birthday, the 21-minute documentary had made its world premiere on October 15Th at 1:00pm,2017, with a special preshow on the Mighty Wurlitzer and an introduction by the filmmaker himself.
DirectorMarcos Craveiro
ProducerMarcos Craveiro
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Genres Documentary
Running time20 minutes
Production CompanyMC PRODUCTIONS
LocationTampa , Florida, United States
Known Crew crew
Marcos Title Director, Producer
Known Cast cast
Marcos Title John Bell
Known Companies company
MC PRODUCTIONS production company
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