English: Close Friend
Plot Summary Story About Two Friends
Kuchiku - Short Movie about two friends. Shivu and Raj are close freinds. Raj was with a gang involved in anti-social activities. Raj betrays the gang when they are trying to harm the nation. Raj is hiding and Shivu contacts him regularly. Gang members comes to know about this and sends Shivu to kill Raj by threatening Shivu will loose family if he denies. What happens when a friend is sent to kill another friend. Whether the friend will choose family or friend. To what extent a friend can go to help another friend?
DirectorAnil Kumar, Anilkumar M
ProducerAnil Kumar
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Genres Crime Thriller
Running time10 minutes
Production CompanyGBM Productions Team
LocationBengaluru, India
Known Crew crew
Anilkumar M Director
Anil Kumar Director, Producer
Known Cast cast
Abhishek M Raj
Sunilkumar M Shivu
Known Companies company
GBM Productions Team production company

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