Plot Summary As long as there is struggle there is life
Movie starts with a chat with a aarth (creator) properties who texts that the place will be ready and then a life enters in a flat. Flat is the representation of life that is presented to us. First she enters and as a child she explores the whole place and discovers mirror. Mirror is a representation of society until first difficulty of life hits her as a leaking tap and she comes back in front of mirror all mature and a series of trouble hits her which frustrates her . Tubelight fluctuates in between somewhere when life is shown as sick. Because tubelight represents life . When she recovers an empty mirror is shown that she hates society now. She thinks of leaving the flat which means she is thinking of commiting suicide but steps back. Finally everything is corrected and she relaxes followed by emptiness and she is old and empty and nothing to look forward to and she breaks the mirror and she lies down and tubelight shuts off which represents she died. Followed by another chat and another life coming in, in another flat
DirectorRishab prabhakar
ProducerRishab prabhakar
WriterRishab prabhakar
Genres Drama Experimental Fantasy Short
Running time19 minutes
LocationNew delhi, International
Known Crew crew
Rishab prabhakar Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Producer, Writer
Known Cast cast
Rishab Prabhakar Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Producer, Writer
Manvi Nautiyal First life
Known Companies company
No known companies

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