The Apologizers
Plot Summary Two mysterious men apologize for others' mistakes.
Two mysterious men wearing identical suits, coats and even glasses walk into a restaurant. Are they assassins? Secret government agents? The IRS? No, they are the Apologizers. You made some mistakes? A business deal is about to crash? Don't worry. Call the Apologizers for big or small businesses, even domestic disputes. There is no place they will not go. They will show up with their ultimate sincerity and apologize from the bottom of their hearts........... for you.
DirectorYasu Suzuki
ProducerKosuke Furukawa
WriterYasu Suzuki
Running time15 minutes
Production CompanyBlue Grass Production
Known Crew crew
Yasu Suzuki Director, Writer
Soojin Chung Editor
Kosuke Furukawa Producer
Known Cast cast
akira Takayama Yonekura
Yasu Suzuki Yoshida
Known Companies company
Blue Grass Production production company

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