Plot Summary A stress-stricken techie looks for a fix for his dull, work and social life. He decides to take a trip. On the trip, certain things happen that throws his life into chaos.
DirectorNithin Abraham
ProducerAjay P V, Nithin Abraham, Sanath Adiga
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Genres Action Bollywood Foreign Language Medical Short Thriller
Running time33 minutes
Production CompanyAbe Films
LocationBengaluru, India
Known Crew crew
Vignesh Rajendran Boom Operator, Sound Recordist
Anish Valsan Camera Assistant
Rohith Dabbiru Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Make-up Artist
Nithin Abraham Casting Director, Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Producer, Script Writer
Asif Khan Composer, Sound Designer, Sound Mixer
Vishnu Vinayamohanan Editor (Assistant)
Ajay P V Producer
Sanath Adiga Producer
Priyanka Patel Production Assistant
Archana D S Production Assistant
Anshul Karasi Script Co-ordinator
Vishnu Rao Script Reader
Known Cast cast
Broto Bhattacharjee Chandra
Sahil Mishra Daniel Codorni
Monika Taneja Drug Addict Friend
Prasad Bhuneshwar Drug Dealer
Pallavi Bhat Priya Shah
Kumari Manisha Tessa Alex
Vishnu Varrier Victor Codorni
Known Companies company
Abe Films production company
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