English: The Mass
Plot Summary Visual essay observing human mass condition behind migration crisis
The mass is a distillation of human evolution, a parable about the treatment of substance, an image of the control over bodies that are hanged on the world’s tissue, or else disgorged from the ocean mass onto dry land, which is interwoven with bodies and the movement of hunters, gatherers, and vagabonds. Our observation of the various forms of abstracted masses, which we become part of at the same time, creates a platform of eternal presence – an active void if you will, which revolves in a closed circle, as though it had neither beginning nor end. What is left is just the stark presence of the traces of bared lives.
DirectorIvo Bystrican, Michal Pavlásek
ProducerIvo Bystrican
WriterMichal Pavlásek
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Genres Documentary Independent Political Reality War
Running time30 minutes
Production CompanyIvo Bystrican, Michal Pavlasek, Vaclav Flegl
Budget10000 EUR
Aspect Ratio16:9
Known Crew crew
Ivo Bystrican Director, Editor, Producer, Script Writer
Michal Pavlásek Director, Writer
Václav Flegl Sound Editor, Sound Mixer
Known Cast cast
Ivo Bystrican behind the camera
Known Companies company
Ivo Bystrican, Michal Pavlasek, Vaclav Flegl production company

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