Ghuttan, era of endless pain
Plot Summary Ghuttan, era of endless pain

Samrath (Sam) and Bani are a doctor couple. Living a happy family life with their only son Arman.Armaan is everything for Sam, he can’t live a moment without him. Life is a picture perfect till the get to know about Arman is suffered with a very saviour brain tumour.
It’s very hard for Sam to admit that his loving son have few months of his life. As a Father and a doctor he just can’t wait for his son’s death. He denied all medical reports and keeps fighting for Arman’s life. Arman’s condition getting worst day by day he can’t stand on his feet, he lost his eye sight and finally Armaan lost his fight against death.
Sam still can’t believe Armaan is dead and he lost his battle as a Father and a doctor. Sam start running away from this realty and always keep himself busy with Arman’s memories by watching home video’s and playing with Arman’s toys.
Suddenly Sam realise that his son trying to contact him and he needs his help. Bani and other friends of Sam wants to help him to come out of this illusion , but there is a Deep Dark secrete behind this mental state of Sam, Arman’s After life is not completely an illusion of his father’s mind.
Genres Drama Medical Thriller
Running time77 minutes
Production CompanyRDM Motion Pictures
LocationPunjab & Himachal Pradesh, India
Known Crew crew
Deepak Batra Script Writer
Known Cast cast
No known crew
Known Companies company
RDM Motion Pictures production company

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