Urgent healing

English: Shafi ajel
Plot Summary the conflict between beliefs, traditional, science production:
The Bamyan film Academy
Nadera, a young girl has epilepsy.
Her family member tries to heal her with their own beliefs: The prescription of medicine, the magic of the fortune teller or going to pilgrimage of Band-e-Amir.
DirectorHassan Mehrzad
ProducerRaman Alemi
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Genres Adventure Asian Documentary Family War Women
Running time18 minutes
Production Companybamyanarts.ltd / The Bamyan Arts
LocationThe Bamyan of Afghanistan, Afghanistan
Known Crew crew
Hassan Mehrzad Director
Rahman Alemi Producer
Known Cast cast
Abrahim Tawlla Main perosn
Known Companies company
bamyanarts.ltd www.bamyanfilm.com
The Bamyan Arts production company

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