The Walking Monk
Plot Summary The Monk who walked across Canada four times
The Walking Monk is a short documentary on the Bhaktimarga Swami a Hari Krishna Monk who has walked across Canada four time. In this film we hear a narrative of his thoughts and Idea taken from his writings while on this personal Pilgrimage.
DirectorMichael Oesch
ProducerAndre Bennitt
Genres Documentary Short
Running time22 minutes
Production CompanyBeach Digital Media
LocationCanada, Canada
FormatHD 1080
Known Crew crew
Michael Oesch Colourist, Director, Editor (Deputy), Editor (Offline)
Andre Bennitt Executive Producer, Producer
Known Cast cast
Michael Oesch Bhakti Margaswami, Dan Rubinstein, Michael Oesch, Alana Cook, Marcel Dore, Kathrine Dore, Georgie Carrol
Known Companies company
Beach Digital Media production company

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