Plot Summary Description Two British soldiers embark on a dangerous mission to save 1,600 men from certain doom during World War I.
Chronicles the story of two young British soldiers at the height of WWI during Spring 1917 who have been given a mission to deliver a message which will warn of an ambush during one of the skirmishes soon after the German retreat to the Hindenburg Line during Operation Alberich.
DirectorSam Mendes
Running time119 minutes
Production CompanyMykea Perry productions
Known Crew crew
Lauren Debeuckelaere Art Assistant (Dailies)
Sam Mendes Director
Jamie Buchan Drapes
Mikki Moulding Prosthetic Technician
Charlie Harris Set PA (Dailes)
Thomas Dornan Sound Trainee
Jack Murphy Special effects daily
Known Cast cast
Joseph Mills 2nd Medical Officer
Scott Harrington Background Artist
Aaron Campbell british soldier
Adam Batty british soldier
Daniel Spicer British soldier
Oliver Cowlishaw British Soldier
Nicolas Dekkers British Soldier
Elliot Francis British Soldier
Sagar Gill British Soldier
Joseph Hedley British Soldier (Extra)
Fletcher Curtis British Soldier (SA)
Chris Heaphy British Soldier and Medical Orderly
Will Sharp Extra
Jack Brotherston featured extra
Jake Burnside Lance Corporal
Seb Mayo Lance Corporal Stretcher Bearer
Eliot Gates Gates New Soldier
Nathan Sears Sam
Liam Edwards Soldier
Michael Miklos Soldier
Tyler Winchcombe soldier
Alfie Manser Soldier
Colin Chapman Soldier
Caspar Thomas Soldier (supporting)
Jordan Hiscott Soldier, Bomber
Lazlo Whittaker Suporting Actor
Olly Brewer Unknown at the moment - shooting next week
Donnie De mosta Ww1 soldier
Known Companies company
Mykea Perry productions production company
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