Man in the Chair
Plot Summary A moving short film that focuses on the internal world and psychological turmoil of an elderly man living alone in the final days of the First World War.
The final days of the First World War.

Alf, an elderly man trapped within his house and confined to an armchair in his frailty, has lost everything.

His family are gone.

Alf's body has become a cell due to its own decrepitude. He is left to the mercy of his own thoughts; twisted by the tragedies of his recent past. The hallucinatory nature of Alf’s imaginings consumes his waking world.

These visceral distortions of the past bleed into his present reality, the distinction between the two growing more and more blurred as the film progresses.

An ever-ticking grandfather clock looms over him. As each tick brings him momentarily closer to death, Alf’s past and present bleed together, and he experiences repeated visitations from those whom he has lost; each appearance coinciding with the coming of the eleventh hour.
DirectorJames Walker, Sam Ebner-Landy
ProducerBeth Farrell, Beth Hannon
WriterTom Mackintosh
Genres Drama Experimental Ghost Historical Period
Running time20 minutes
Production CompanyGremlin Films
LocationCheshire, United Kingdom
Financial OverviewThe budget was funded by a social media driven online crowdfunding campaign, which raised the entire budget.
BudgetWe had a tight budget of £1200 ($1600), which was primarily spent on film equipment hire and expenditure, location costs, cast and crew expenses, set, prop, costume and make-up costs.
Format1080p HD
Aspect Ratio16:9
First Time Filmmaker
Known Crew crew
Sam Gee Boom Operator, Sound Recordist
James Walker Cinematographer, Director, Editor
Rishi Pelham Composer
Jack Barton Composer, Sound Editor
Stella Ryley Costume Designer, Costume Supervisor
Sam Ebner-Landy Director
Tom Mackintosh Executive Producer, Writer
Ali Dixon Gaffer, Lighting Operator
Rianne Chester Make-up Artist
Beth Hannon Producer
Beth Farrell Producer
Kate Savin Script Supervisor, Unit Manager
Phoebe Williams-Ellis Set Designer, Set Dresser
Natalia Jagielska Storyboard Artist
Known Cast cast
Drew Hancock Alf Nolan
Rebekah McLoughlin Anna Nolan, Anna
Adam Wadsworth Edward Nolan, Edward
Tracy Gabbitas Emily Nolan
Jack Waterman George Nolan
Liz Hancock Medical Worker
Known Companies company
Gremlin Films production company
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