No Man's Land
Plot Summary A German and British soldier meet during the First World War and form friendship
A German and a British soldier are forced together in No Man's Land during the First World War. Their vulnerability and similarities means they form a friendships. The strength of this friendship is then put to the test when a commanding officer comes along and orders the British soldier to kill the German.
DirectorDaniel Martin
ProducerJack Williams
Genres Action Historical Student War
Running time12 minutes
Production CompanyNorthern Film School
Known Crew crew
Toby Gregory AD (1st), Art Director (Assistant)
Shaan Sira AD (2nd)
Ross Melling Boom Operator
Rebbeca Fairclough Camera Assistant
Edward Holderstock Camera Operator
Sam Bassett Colorist, Editor, Video Editor
Daniel Martin Director
Thomas Wilson Director of Photography
Edward Glendenning Driver
Jenna Carter Make-up Artist
Andy Dacre Make-up Artist
Charlotte Bratt Make-up Artist
Jack Williams Producer
Holly Lees Production Designer
Sam Northrop Production Manager
Simon Wilkinson Screenwriter
Hannah Richardson Script Supervisor
Lubos Jurik Sound Designer, Sound Recordist
James Pratt Steadicam Operator
Known Cast cast
Kiran Kaur Assistant Director
Aiden Scott Billy
Jim Bayes Gunther
David Childs Scottish Highlander
Known Companies company
Northern Film School production company

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