The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle
Plot Summary Feature film based on the books of The Voyage of Dr Doolittle
A physician discovers that he can talk to animals.
WriterStephen Gaghan, Thomas Shepherd
Running time100 minutes
Statusin production
Production CompanyUniversal Pictures
Known Crew crew
Adam Survay Additional Set PA
James Troake Location Marshal
Calum Brine Location Marshal
Laura Holsey Location Marshal
Katharine McIntosh Location Marshal
Steffan Jones Location Marshall
Isobel Turner Location Scout
Chelia Batkin Post Production Coordinator
Samuel Humber Production Assistant
Jack Murphy Stills photographer assistant daily
Joan Fang VFX Asst Production Coordinator
Stephen Gaghan writer
Thomas Shepherd writer
Known Cast cast
Tori Leiweke Alyessia - Flower Stand Girl
David Cradduck Beefeater
Amber Victoria Bray Lady Rose (picture DBL)
Amelia Slater Location Marshal
Belal Sabir Monteverdi Blacksmith
Charlie Upsher Palace Child
Joseph Segal Palace Guard
Sarah-Maëva Cialec Pirate
Stephen Samson Queeens Guard
Rhiannon Horne Stand in- Emily Rose
Bethany Billy Stand In: Harry Collett (Stubbins)
Rico Pass Village boy
Known Companies company
Perfect World Pictures production company
Universal production company
Universal Pictures production company
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