English: The Fraudulent Cab
Plot Summary Kallavandi tells the story about the night journey of 4 friends to a private estate in Palai in there 92 model ambassador car. They just want to stay one night at there in a gust house. In there journey a women named Shamna also accompanies friend of Wilson . Then a curiosity starts in others mind about her. Then they started questioning her. But he s bold and answering qstns cleverly. And they reaches the guest house at Palai. And there s a confusion begins who will approach her at first.
Genres Comedy Mystery Political Thriller Travel Women
Running time30 minutes
Production CompanyW entertainments
LocationKOTTAYAM, India
Known Crew crew
JIJO MOHAN Director, Writer
Known Cast cast
Jijo Mohan Director
Known Companies company
W entertainments production company

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