Plot Summary Two guys head out into a desert.
Two guys are out in the desert seeking to change their lives forever. What is it they are searching for? Why is it important to them?
DirectorSailesh Kolanu
ProducerSailesh Kolanu
WriterSailesh Kolanu
Genres Drama Experimental Fantasy Independent Medical Mystery
Running time4 minutes
Production CompanyDivergent Shorts
LocationSydney, Australia
Format1080p HD
Known Crew crew
Vinay Raja Cinematographer, Editor
Neha Pardeshi Concept Artist
Sailesh Kolanu Director, Producer, Writer
Rohit Tirunellai Publicity Assistant
Srinivas Kolanu Sound Designer
Known Cast cast
Sailesh Kolanu Director
Parvat Anand Person 1
Yogesh Seenivasan Person 2
Known Companies company
Divergent Shorts production company

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