Plot Summary As well as being loving, Sisters can be scary!
Lynn has a broken foot and a head full of painkillers. She thinks the last thing needed is a ringing doorbell. She's wrong, the last thing she needs is Jenna, the person ringing the doorbell. Jenna has some exciting news that will change Lynn's world forever. Lynn isn't sure she wants to hear this news, she also not so sure that she is going to be offered the option! Sisters! A scary comedy!
DirectorPaul Ekert
ProducerLiz Mente Bishop
Genres Black Comedy Comedy Short
Running time6 minutes
Production CompanyM. B. Entertainment
LocationOxford, United Kingdom
Known Crew crew
Paul Ekert Camera Operator (HD), Director, Editor
Simon Towner Composer
Liz Mente Bishop Producer
Known Cast cast
Paul Ekert Camera Operator (HD), Director, Editor, Writer
Jassie Mortimer Jenna
Liz Mente Bishop Lynn
Known Companies company
M. B. Entertainment production company

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