Salvation Rain
Plot Summary A man who lives through a belated mourning period.
Janya lost all members of his family and friends during a night massacre. After 20 years feeling guilt that he escaped in order to survive, he comes back to his village in which there is no evidence for humanity. A village with remains. Janya decides with his return to face his past. The stages of the psychological process of mourning begin 20 years later. Janya lives now in a double time zone. Childhood and adulthood, denial and acceptance, death and life.
DirectorVeysel Çelik
ProducerAsiye Alimci Celik
Genres Art-house Drama Experimental Independent War
Running time12 minutes
Production CompanyAVA Film Consulting & Production
LocationIstanbul, International
Known Crew crew
Veysel Çelik Director
Asiye Alimci Celik Producer, Production Designer
Known Cast cast
Alan Ciwan leading role
Known Companies company
AVA Film Consulting & Production production company
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