Plot Summary Poetic look and showing Art objects and antiques
Comparison today hegmataneh with ancient Iran, with a poetic look and showing Art objects and antiques and with overview of oppression and brutality and the death of humanity and freedom throughout history.
DirectorAli zarekar
ProducerAli zarekar
WriterAli zarekar
Genres Black Documentary Historical Independent National Natural History
Running time8 minutes
LocationHamedan, Iran
Aspect Ratio16:9
Known Crew crew
Mehdi Safari Animator
Meysam Mirzayi Art Director (Assistant)
Somaye Torkamani Art Director (Assistant)
Ali zarekar Cinematographer, Director, Producer, Writer
Abbas Razavi Composer
Milad Asgari Production Manager
Known Cast cast
Ali Zarekar Ali zarekar
Known Companies company
No known companies

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