Jupp and Macready
Plot Summary Mysterious visitors promote Confusion and Misrule.
Who are Jupp and Macready? Where have they come from? Answers to these questions can only be hinted at in this new film from Michael Barry and Matthew O’Sullivan.
Jupp – an enigma wrapped inside a mystery – and the faithful and equally mysterious Macready devote their lives to a noble mission; to spread Confusion and Misrule wherever they go.
Materializing in a small English country town they swiftly put their carefully thought out plans into operation. A hopeful job applicant is subjected to a forthright and increasingly bizarre job interview, an ordeal that leaves him without the faintest idea whether he has got the job or not.
A young man eating his lunch in the park becomes their next target. He finds himself cast as a secret agent. Confusion (not to mention Misrule) reigns as he finds himself unable to give the password; and does he have the plans that Jupp and Macready so urgently need?
DirectorMatthew O'Sullivan, Michael Barry
ProducerMichael Barry
Genres Comedy Drama Mystery
Running time21 minutes
Production CompanyPercecptive Creation
LocationBridgwater, United Kingdom
Known Crew crew
Joe Edmondson Camera Assistant
Kaiih Knight Camera Assistant
Jim Birkett Camera Operator (HD)
Damien Grey Camera Operator, Camera Operator (HD)
Michael Barry Director, Producer
Matthew O'Sullivan Director, Script Writer
Jesse Lawrence Editor
Dona Bullion Production Designer
Zac Gill Sound Operator
Known Cast cast
Adam JS Smith Blake
Reece Baker John Bennett
David France Jupp
Kathryn Worth Macready
Matthew O'Sullivan Manager
Simon Bennett Michael Smith
Martine Davies Secretary
Known Companies company
Percecptive Creation production company
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