Feed My Eyes
Plot Summary Audience and film meld in surrealistic chaos
A strained couple in a movie theater have their relationship tested as the film they are experiencing descends arm and arm with Eros and Thanatos into a psycho-spiritual storm that tears a fray in reality, and separates them from each other. Possibly forever.
DirectorEric Newcombe
ProducerEric Newcombe
WriterEric Newcombe
Genres Black Comedy
Running time8 minutes
Production CompanyPost Relative
LocationMiami, United States
FormatDigital. 4k
Known Crew crew
Eric Newcombe Director, Producer, Writer
Known Cast cast
Brady Newbill Boris
Faviola Kuffo Gerte
Alex Tersch Man in Film
Valarie Moscato Woman in Film
Known Companies company
Post Relative production company

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