The Innocence
Plot Summary Everything is fair in love, war and cinema…
This is a story of love, dreams, politics, revolution and aftermath of a freedom war of one of the poorest developing country, where few peoples starts to fight against all the odds by filmmaking!

Brief Synopsis:
ISHWARDI, which means the abode of God, is a small town of Bangladesh. It has one of the biggest and oldest railway junctions in the country. People with different profession, culture and religion are rearing themselves up in this little town. There is a large syndicate of smuggled goods from India and their proliferation around the country through this transit. So youngsters fall within the perilous allured clutch of some invisible dark hand including the politicians and become so encapsulated within the haze of drug-addiction. This paves their way to become terrorists.

As the effect of British-India partition 1947, a Muslim family migrates from India to this town and buys an aristocratic house from a once affluent Hindu family who flees to India as refugees to save their own lives. KABIR is a 19 years old scholar student who cannot recall if he has done any sin or mischief in his lifetime. He is the son of SHAFAYET KHAN who is the owner of the house. Kabir kills an ant accidently. He wants to repent for it when he comes to know that an unknown lunatic and vagabond named RAZZAQ knows about his killing. Razzaq believes that everybody in this earth is acting in one or more films where the God is the director and thousands of cameras are always following everybody.

One day Razzaq tells him that he is going to make a film and Kabir has to be the hero in it in order to repent of his sin. He also adds that he has been waiting for developing a language to express real love, hatred and protest. After developing this language for everyone in the world, he will make his film. Kabir does not believe his delirium. But another 2 persons listen to this statement. One is MITHUN, a 12 years old boy, who has lost his mother a few years ago and his father PRANESH is a drunken scavenger who always beats him up without any reason. Pranesh has an extra-marital affair with his neighbor’s wife. This makes Mithun come to a decision to kill his father. But he realizes that he is not strong enough to kill him. So he wanders alone all night and at the dawn, suddenly he watches a guy acting like a typical movie-villain. He starts following him in order to manage him to kill his father. He wishes to leave the town with this filmmaking team after having his father killed. Another guy is KARIM MASTER, a poor retired schoolteacher, who earns his bread by patrolling on rickshaw with mike for any kind of publicity in the town and has a deep sorrow in his heart, watches a guy talking about filmmaking near the station. When Razzaq talks about the publicity of his upcoming film, Karim thinks of joining the team and doing the publicity. He hopes that he can look for a 12 years old orphan boy, who was born as a war-child in 1971, and was brought up by him and his wife. The boy left his home few years ago in search of his identity. The mother of the boy is RUPVAN, who was just a 12 years old girl during the war, was brutally tortured and gang-raped by the Pakistani army. After the independence, she was moved to a pros-quarter and had to leave her newborn war-child. ABDUL, a pimp, takes the responsibility to find someone for taking care of the baby and finds Karim, a teacher who has no issue. But when the baby becomes a 12 years boy, he runs away. From that time, Karim always tells a lie to Abdul about the boy and makes a fake story about the development of the boy following his age. But lying too much about the lost boy, old-aged Karim wants a relief. So when he learns about the filmmaking of lunatic Razzaq, he believes him and follows him so that he can join his team and can visit different villages and cities to look for the lost boy. From that moment, making a film becomes the ultimate goal of life of 4 people: lunatic Razzaq, young scholar Kabir, dalit boy Mithun and retired schoolteacher Karim.

Shafayet khan, who was a collaborator of Pakistani army at the liberation war 1971 against the civilians, becomes a political leader after the death of the father of the nation in 1975. One night fundamentalist people, led by Shafayet, attack the pros-quarter and destroy it. He keeps Rupvan, one of the sex-worker of that red-light area, in his own harem. Shafayet also kills his own wife who is the mother of Kabir. SHAMSUDDIN is the younger brother of Shafayet, who wants to be the next political leader with the help of MORSHED, a smuggler. But his elder brother always tries to control him.

According to the Geneva Conventions, there is a shelter camp for the Stranded Pakistani refugees called BIHARI in the town, where a 19 years young man IMRAN lives with his bedridden grandmother and barber father. Imran is the lead vocal of a local band. He takes drugs for frustration for the identity crisis and for the love of a local girl named SHORMI who never loves him as a refugee.

Kabir has been preparing for the medical college admission test. But he has to meet lunatic Razzaq everyday in order to repent of killing an ant. One day Razzaq tells him about the heroine of his upcoming film. He tells him that her name is EVERGREEN BEAUTY, who has been caged in the neighbor town. After developing the language of love, he will break the palace and rescue her and will make the film. Kabir hates this topic, as he never has any interest about women. For expressing few opinions about this, Razzaq hurts him. When Kabir returns home, Shafayet notices blood on his lips. He immediately orders Shamsuddin to beat the lunatic.

Shamsuddin and his team beat Razzaq brutally and throw him off a rail-bridge. Kabir dreams Razzaq as the crucified Jesus telling him to confess that he has killed the ant. After confessing in the dream, Kabir wakes up and rushes to the riverside in the dark to look for the dead body of Razzaq, the so called filmmaker of their dreams- a film to restore humanity.

Though Kabir fails, Mithun finds Razzaq buried in the riverbed and rescues him. Old man Karim gives him shelter in his tiny house. After recovering, Razzaq leaves the place and tries to hide himself but he can`t. He enters in the harem to save himself from the killers where Rupvan, Maloti and pimp Abdul lives. He becomes senseless for bleeding and Rupvan tries to save him whole night. In the morning, Razzaq tries to leave, but suddenly falls down on the floor. He gets emotionally broken for Rupvan’s motherly touch. He requests the invisible cameraman of the God to stop capturing this moment with a mother as he is also an orphan. But when he sees that the camera of God is still on, he becomes angry and starts chasing the invisible cameraman.

Kabir`s father Shafayet khan becomes bedridden for paralysis and his uncle Shamsuddin takes over the leadership of Khan dynasty as well as politics.

Kabir, Mithun and Abdul Karim try to find Razzaq individually. After 6 months, they find nude Razzaq reading thousands of newspapers loudly on a riverbed. Kabir asks him where he has been these days. Razzaq tells him that he has been roaming all around the world where humanity is getting destroyed because of wars and capitalism.

One evening, Kabir manages Razzaq to agree to leave the town and rescue the Evergreen Beauty to make the dream-film. Razzaq tries to complete his universal language but he can not do so because of the increasing number of inhumanity. Kabir leaves his family forever and meets Razzaq, who has been sleeping at midnight. Karim and Mithun follow them as well. At first, Razzaq ignores him, than he asks for more time to make the film so that he can develop the language. Kabir was never serious about the film. But his interest about the Evergreen Beauty comes out at the end of their conversation. Razzaq tries to stop him but he insists on going alone to rescue the lady who he has already fallen in love with. As the Evergreen Beauty is the beloved of Razzaq, he resists him to go and they start fighting. Kabir hits him on his head with a stone and the non-stop bleeding overflows the place. In the same night, few killings, political changes occur. At the eleventh hour of her life, Rupvan comes to the station to meet her lost son; retired old man Karim becomes a nude lunatic when all his dreams of making a film has been broken after the killing of Razzaq. Only the 12 years old witness, the son of a scavenger, Mithun stays in the town to tell us the story of this filmmaking, which doesn’t culminate.

Director Statement:
In this world, we are enthralled by the diversifying creation of God. We laugh. We cry. We see dreams, and dreams get shattered, but we never cease to dream. A very tiny creature is seen walking around us whose brain weight is rather a bit more than the rest of its body, which cannot be found in other creatures of the world. Even human does not possess this quality. May be that is why God has created ants thus. There are many human in this world having wishes to do something for this world, for its inhabitants, but cannot meet the affordability. And it becomes difficult to distinguish them from those ants.....

Story of our making film doesn’t culminate. We want to create a language with collaboration. The language of love and the one to express hatred . We will make a film. All together. Won’t you be with us? Or do you have a good story, the story which you haven’t told yet to anyone?”
DirectorAshraf Shishir
ProducerAshraf Shishir
Genres Action Art-house Asian Bollywood Comedy Crime
Running time180 minutes
Production CompanyImpress Telefilm Limited
LocationDhaka, Bangladesh
Format2K HD
Known Crew crew
Ashraf Shishir Director, Producer, Script Writer
Known Cast cast
No known crew
Known Companies company
Impress Telefilm Limited production company
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