English: A person crazy about Organic farming
Plot Summary A youngster wants to fight against chemical fertilisers and supports organic farming for a healthy and safe world.
Atul is a student of B.Sc. agriculture as he is from agrarian family. He likes to help his father in their field but opposes use of chemical fertilizers and supports organic farming. He is working on his own Ago-green project in their backyard. His elder sister Pratibha is pregnant of eight months. One day she visits their farm with her younger sister Amrita, she eats cucumber while taking selfies, her father immediately scolds her as the cucumber is recently sprayed but she replies that nothing will happen to her as she is eating like this since childhood. Next day she gets admitted to hospital due to labor pains. She faces pre-mature delivery and gives birth to a child, but that child has cyst in dorsum (Back). In the meantime, Atul attends lecture on 'Effects of chemical fertilisers on human body’. This lecture concerns him about the excess use of chemical fertilisers on human body. he remains deep in these thoughts. While here Pratibha's new born baby gets diagnosed with cancer. When Atul gets to know about baby's cancer, he bursts into tears. He returns to the farm and destroys chemically sprayed crops. Then he takes up the spade and digs upon a new land, symbolizing the ground- New future of healthy and safer world.
DirectorHarish taru
ProducerHarish taru
WriterHarish taru
Genres Educational Experimental Short
Running time12 minutes
LocationPune, India
Known Crew crew
Harish taru Director, Producer, Writer
Known Cast cast
Samruddhi Kuchik Pratibha
Known Companies company
No known companies

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