Люди луннаго ​свѣта

English: Moonlight People
Plot Summary Two completely traditional couples of lovers on a warm summer night make a kind of coming-out in front of each other, telling about their hidden impulses from a previous life.
The impetus to making the film was the book of the same name by the Russian religious philosopher Vasily Rozanov, who died 100 years ago. His treatise was devoted to the study of sexuality and its denial in Christianity.
The film was made in the style of experimental films of the 1920s with a non-linear narrative full of strange surrealistic images. He is black and white and devoid of dialogue. The image is based on the music of Alexander Scriabin "The Poem of Ecstasy", composed and performed also at the beginning of the 20th century.
DirectorDmitri Frolov
ProducerDmitri Frolov
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Genres Art-house Erotic Experimental Fantasy Gay and Lesbian Independent
Running time14 minutes
Production CompanyDmitrii Frolov Prod.
LocationSt.Petersburg, Russia
Format16 mm/HD
Known Crew crew
Dmitri Frolov Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Producer
Known Cast cast
Natalya Sourkova Initial
Yuriy Yadrovskiy Initial
Vladimir Zolotar' Second
Darya Alymova Second
Known Companies company
Dmitrii Frolov Prod. production company
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