Plot Summary You can get your own cat on which you won't have any allergies, you can climb to the top of a mountains, and even get to the sea you always dreamt of. It is almost the same as a real one, but your own, unseen.
This is a story about a chance meeting of two on the abandoned road. They are divided by age, loneliness and worlds. A fleeting exchange of greetings and thus the open space of trust. They understand each other. Probably only two sincere people can achieve clear simplicity. Or maybe it is just the "stranger on a train” phenomenon, when it is easy to open a heart in an evanescent conversation to someone who will never meet you again, will not know... Or already did and more than others.
DirectorAndrew Ogorodnikov
ProducerAndrew Ogorodnikov, Dima Novikov
WriterAnton Shutov
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Genres Drama Fantasy Short
Running time20 minutes
Known Crew crew
Dima Novikov Cinematographer, Producer, Special Effects Supervisor
Andrew Ogorodnikov Composer, Director, Editor, Producer, Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Sound Recordist
Anton Shutov Writer
Known Cast cast
Andrew Ogorodnikov Composer, Director, Editor, Producer, Sound Editor
Tora Dahle Olsen The Girl
Juan Andrés Papagno Gazmuri Traveler
Known Companies company
No known companies

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