Pure Joy
Plot Summary Sci-Fi Christian film during a war with China
Colonel Brown is giving a briefing to Brianna in the U.S. headquarters. Brianna and her squad are to infiltrate Chinese territory near Riverton, California and liberate Lee, the defector being held there. Brianna accepts the mission with hesitancy. Pure Joy is the story of their mission and how Brianna confronts the death of her mother and handles the mission differently. Lee helps Brianna come to grips with her faith and start the delayed grieving process of her mother.
DirectorBen Hunter
ProducerRachel Berreth
WriterBen Hunter
Genres Drama Religious Science Fiction Short War
Running time10 minutes
Production Company33 Years Productions LLC
LocationDenver, United States
Financial OverviewSelf Funded by Producer and Director
Aspect Ratio2.40:1
Student Project
Known Crew crew
Patrick Jorgenson AD (1st)
Colton Zeiler Cinematographer
Bonnie Utter Composer
Ben Hunter Director, Writer
Charise Hunter Executive Producer
Rachel Berreth Producer
Logan Seibold Production Designer
Derek Zen Sound Operator, Sound Recordist
Known Cast cast
Alaina Garland Brianna Ambert
Francisco Martinez Colonel Brown
Jenny Eaves Lee
Marian Rothschild Rebecca Ambert
Nathan Pratt Sgt. Robert Cole
Known Companies company
33 Years Productions LLC production company
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