Another Chance
Plot Summary God Never Makes Mistakes
A mother of three gives up almost everything to get her son (TK ) out of trouble. She is put in a rough situation that can have the family out on the street due to the fact that the payments on the house can not be kept up. TK refuses for his mother and two younger brothers to be homeless so he takes matters into his own hands . He gets back into the lifestyle that his mother just got him out of but only to keep his family off the street.
DirectorJonathan Nelson
ProducerJonathan Nelson
WriterJonathan Nelson
Genres Black Drama Family Independent Reality
Running time63 minutes
Production CompanyDreamteam Productions
LocationDALLAS, United States
Known Crew crew
Jonathan Nelson Director, Editor, Executive Producer, Graphics Designer, Producer, Writer
Known Cast cast
Jonathan Nelson Director, Producer, Writer
Known Companies company
Dreamteam Productions production company

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