Life here & now
Plot Summary Focusing everyday life which we ignore
In this era of practicality and wealth focused individuals , having entangled ownselves in responsibilities and worries we are devoid of deep tiny glances happening around us. We are so preoccupied in our material needs, that we have diverted our attention to worldly matters and prefer wealth and material gains over our aesthetic sense. The "romantic imagination" of the child evaporates by the time he grows up into a fully groomed matured man. The control of senses and the sensual loosens while the mind, full of material aspirations, takes hold of us. Then we, the human faculty fails to appreciate those small but interesting movements happening abound us without any regard to financial and material gain. The distance between man and his aesthetic sense is widening today which is the cause of certain psychological and physical ailments which are being ignored presently. LIFE HERE & NOW reflects those glances orbing around us which are very tiny non materialistic but are not negligible, it will help us look at things in what manner they should have been. This outer world is harmonious with human nature and reconciles to it, provided, man is willing to adapt to the beautious gances which he used to have in the pre-materialistic age.
DirectorAnkana Pal
ProducerJhuma Mondal
Genres Children Experimental Family Independent Reality Short
Running time5 minutes
Production CompanyJhuma Mondal
LocationHowrah, India
Known Crew crew
Ankana Pal Director, Editor
Jhuma Mondal Producer
Known Cast cast
Ankana Pal Ankit Bagchi, Camera Operator, Cinematographer
Known Companies company
Jhuma Mondal Producer

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