Maleficent 2
Plot Summary The squeal to Maleficent, a retelling of the snow white story
Honestly you must know this one, A retelling of the snow white story we all know and love but one where we see that the witch Maleficent was in fact the good but troubled and scorned person in the story who eventually overcomes her angst by finding new love for the girl she once cursed. This is the sequal to it. Out in 2020.
Running time120 minutes
Statusin post production
Production CompanyDisney
Known Crew crew
Andrew Palmer Art Director
Madison Pettitt Costume Armour Fabricator, Trainee Costume Armour Fabricator
Alexandra Stock Costume Armour Trainee
Valeria Cantelli Costume Maker
Alexandra Groover Costume Maker
Madison Goldsworthy Crowd costume pa
Charlotte Sadler Crowd Costumier
Rebecca Calver Crowd Hair and Makeup Trainee
Edward Ryan Crowd PA & Lock Off PA
Yuyi Chung Desktop and network support
William Louth-horwell Electrician
John Harpley Environmental & Studio Assistant, Production
Luke Greenaway Environmental Assistant
Ben Mickshik Environmental PA
Heather Rackstraw Junior Draughtsperson
Claire Anne Williams Make Up SFX Trainee
Samuel Humber Production Assistant
Annie Pugh Prosthetic Trainee
Jennifer Hymus SMUFX Trainee Daily
Craig Evans Sound Trainee (Dailees)
leanne geddes Textile artist
Alice Batten-Jacobs Trainee
Known Cast cast
Martin Polak Blue foot soldier
Sagar Gill Blue Soldier
Tom Bonington Cardinal Griffin
Sarah Morghad Confidential Role, Warrior Type
Adrian De Voss Core Spact Crossbow Soldier, Crossbow Soldier core spact
Hannah Flynn Double & Stand In
Cao Cooc Foot Soldier
Furey __ Noble Child, Town Folk
Robert McCrea Nobleman 21 (non speaking)
Evandeep Singh Turna Soldier
Kya Garwood Stand-In (Michelle Pfeiffer)
Mark Knightley Town Gate Guard 2
Noor Dillan-Night Tundra Fey
Joanne Batten Tundra Warrior Fey
Known Companies company
Disney production company
Disney, Merryweather production company
Merryweather Productions production company
Walt Disney Pictures production company
Walt Disney Pictures / Roth Films production company
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