Mubekir Zilić Obarač ruke

English: Mubekir Zilić. Arm Wrestler
Plot Summary Young upcoming arm wrestling champion from Bosnia
At the age of 22, Mubekir is the unoficial Bosnian champion in arm wresting.
Mubekir is focused on going to international compeition and getting to the top of his game. All that is needed is for Bosnina to form an Arm Wrestling Association, so that he can represnt his country at the world championships.
DirectorSanda Kolar
ProducerSanda Kolar
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Genres Documentary Independent Sport
Running time3 minutes
Production CompanySlavaho Productions
LocationVisoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Financial OverviewSelf funded.
Aspect Ratio16:9
CertificationAll ages
Known Crew crew
Sanda Kolar Director, Director (Self Shooting), Editor (Final Cut Pro), Producer
Known Cast cast
Sanda Kolar Director (Self Shooting), Editor (Final Cut Pro), Producer
Mubkir Zilić Protagonist
Known Companies company
Slavaho Productions production company

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