Shadow Island
Plot Summary Crazy Romeo
A corporate mid level lady staff was called to Headquarters for interrogation on the basis of spreading some inappropriate personal photos within their network. Pointing fingers and tickling secret giggles gathered around only to suspend her.
Unreachable husband in business tour doubles her agony. Despite of her anxiety and uncertainty, the understanding husband of angel figure appears and hold closer realizing those photos were fake. Two relaxed minds used their bodies to weave musical lust.
World never changed and this time instead of photos, handy screens around the globe flashes videos of two lustful bodies.
DirectorShibu Sulaiman
ProducerSimi Shibu
Genres Crime Thriller
Running time25 minutes
Production Company3ACE Films
LocationDubai, International
FormatFull HD
Known Crew crew
Shibu Sulaiman Camera Operator (HD), Director, Script Writer
Simi Shibu Producer, Production Co-ordinator
Known Cast cast
Shibu Sulaiman Camera Operator (HD), Director, Script Writer
Arjun Raman Hero
Sahitya Raj Heroine
Known Companies company
3ACE Films production company

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