Tales Of The West - Miriam's Marauders
Plot Summary A dark comedic western about two bounty hunters who bite off more than they can chew
Miriam's crew has been dwindled down over the years and now they are on the run. Two wannabe bounty hunters track them down to their isolated camp and plan on claiming the lives of Miriam and her Marauders.
DirectorThomas Taylor-Randall, Tom Taylor-Randall
ProducerTom Taylor-Randall
WriterTom Taylor-Randall
Genres Black Comedy Crime Western Women
Running time15 minutes
Production CompanyT.T.R Production
LocationNorthwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Known Crew crew
Joel Hibbert AD (2nd)
Thomas Taylor-Randall Director
Tom Taylor-Randall Director, Producer, Writer
Ellie Wright Make-up Artist
Known Cast cast
Martin Tomlinson Billy "The Bull" Brown
Stuart Walker Flynn Louis
Zara-Rae James Miriam Bolger
Jordan James Reuben Porter
Known Companies company
T.T.R Production production company

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