Black Light
Plot Summary A filmmaker enters Syria to take live shots of his new film, and dies dramatically.
Black Light

A Film of a 17-minute, Tells about the story of a filmmaker who wants to get LIVE shots of his film from a besieged area in northeastern Syria. and therefore communicates with one of the country's top killers, who has extensive powers and contacts with military checkpoints in the region. On the first attempt, he tries to kill a bystander, but he fails, and continues to wait while he catches two children,
But he dies by the first victim who escaped from him in the first shot - and returned to kill him..

The film was shot in the city of Halle (saale) in eastern Germany in March 2018 and reached its final form in December, 2018.

The film is a script and directed by Ward Al Damashqi - a Nickname of Syrian director -Hamzah El Halabi - resident in Tyrol, Austria.

It was filmed with simple equipment and without any significant support from any government or non-governmental organization, without any significant production value.

The cadre of the film's actors and technicians are Just amateur, who dream of making Syrian and modern Arab cinema - if they get the necessary support - away from the censorship imposed in the Middle East and the Arab countries.

The film crew is refugees from Germany, France, Austria and the Netherlands, they all came to film their first work .

Yours respect
Black light film crew
film director
Ward Al-Dimashqi
Tirol - Austria
DirectorHamza El Halabi, Ward Al-dimashqi
Genres Action Crime Foreign Language War
Running time17 minutes
Production Companynon
Locationhalle (saale ), Germany
Known Crew crew
Hamza El Halabi Casting Director, Director, Director (Self Shooting), Editor
Ward Al-dimashqi Director
Known Cast cast
No known crew
Known Companies company
No known companies

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