Plot Summary Memories of the first army men of Lakshadweep died in War front 1965 Indo Pak war (shaheed jawan muthukoya)
Amini, the land of Khali Abu Baker, who pierced the arrow of fear in the heart of those invaders who conquered the land. We dedicate this journey to the eternal lamp that arose from the land of first human habitat in Lakshadeep, Amini. We dedicate this to Javaan Shaheed Muthu Koya.
DirectorDhahlan Lakshadweep
ProducerAhamed Dhahlan
Genres Documentary Educational Historical National War
Running time19 minutes
Production CompanyDL Munnas
LocationLakshadweep, Indian Ocean Territory
Known Crew crew
Deepu Prasad Animator
Nowfar khan Concept Artist
Binoy kottakkal Dialect Coach, Voice
Dhahlan Lakshadweep Director
Vipin Vijayan Editor
Ahamed Dhahlan Producer
srejith cherusserry Translator
Known Cast cast
Ahamed Dhahlan Muthukoya
Known Companies company
DL Munnas production company

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