One in four trillion
Plot Summary depiction of our chances of being born in this world which is one in four trillon
it's an experimental film, which depicts how time passes by but we never consider that we have limited time by the depiction of life passing by and the clock is stuck at 9:5.
then the life finally mets time and he thought that it will all start again and he makes time go back, but as he crosses the time of his birth his window of existence shuts.
because our chances of being born in this word is one in four trillion and as he goes back in time his probability of being born goes to zero.
Directorrishab prabhakar
Producerrishab prabhakar
Writerrishab prabhakar
Genres Drama Experimental Fantasy
Running time3 minutes
Locationdelhi, International
Known Crew crew
rishab prabhakar Cinematographer, Director, Director (Self Shooting), Editor, Producer, Writer
Known Cast cast
Abhiranjan No last name Shadow
Known Companies company
No known companies

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