English: Salvation
Plot Summary journey of faith of a beggar
It's a story of a beggar girl Padma, who is ill treated by
father and beaten. One day She develops faith in Ganapati with
the help of a friend and she starts praying him daily. one day
her mother's so called brother comes to visit and brings her
some gift willing to take her with him to get her a good job
somewhere, which is appriciated by Padma's mother. padma who
is still at her tender age becomes excited knowing it. He
stays with them for a few days and once when she sleeps in her
tent which is on footpath he tries to take advantage of her.
Seeing this her percpective changes for him. One day when she
is back from begging, Her mother expresses her brothers will
to take her with him. here when Padma opens up and reveals his
true face to her mother, when Mother slaps her for insulting
her brother. Broken Padma comes out of Tent and here again her
Father beats her for money. This leaves Padma a 15 year old
girl and she runs to her only true friend Ganapati, She begs
him to get her out of these problems, which eventually she
gets, but not as she expected.
DirectorShahnshah Gupta
ProducerAkansha Gupta, Preeti Ali
Genres Drama Family Independent Reality Teen Women
Running time15 minutes
Production Company16 MM Makers / Humara Movie
LocationRaipur, India
Known Crew crew
Shahnshah Gupta Director
Alamgir Sheik Director of Photography
Akansha Gupta Producer
Preeti Ali Producer
Anup Rupanwar Sound Designer, Sound Editor, Sound Engineer, Sound Mixer, Sound Recordist
Known Cast cast
Shahnshah Gupta Director, Editor (Colourist), Post Production Co-ordinator, Producer, Script Writer, Writer
Known Companies company
16 MM Makers Production company
Humara Movie production company

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