Plot Summary A homemaker receives a call from her husband, which changes her life forever, literally.
A husband calls his wife and asks her not to leave the house until he picks their son from the school and comes home. She learns something is wrong and waits with bated breath for her loved ones to arrive.
DirectorWillie Selvaraj
ProducerWillie Selvaraj
WriterWillie Selvaraj
Genres Action Animation Crime Crime Drama Drama Murder Mystery Science Fiction Science Fiction Thriller Thriller
Running time7 minutes
Production CompanyRapport Productions
LocationBangalore, India
Known Crew crew
Karthik Baskar Cinematographer, Director of Photography
Baloo Spicy Composer
Willie Selvaraj Director, Producer, Writer
Sivaraj Parameswaran Editor
Known Cast cast
Mona Bedre Anu
Known Companies company
Rapport Productions production company

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