English: Calycopteris floribunda
Plot Summary Story of scheduled tribes living in Kerala,India
This film is based on the life of “Koraga” adivasis (Scheduled tribes) living in a colony called ‘coraga colony’ in Badiyadukka thaluk(Kasarghode district) Kerala state making baskets by using
‘Pullanji’ strings(Calicopteris floribunda) and selling to market for buying foods.But now days this type ofPullanji baskets are not buying any one.
New generation required only plastic baskets.This filim showing the painful life of scheduled tribes were not able to sell their product and not getting food for eating.Country Is developing like any thing and this poor adivadis(SC/ST) not getting food.Thier life miserable like any thing.
DirectorGirish Macreri
ProducerVinod Kumar. KP
Genres National
Running time16 minutes
Production CompanyRythm creations
Locationkuthuparamba,Kerala, India
Financial OverviewNo
Aspect Ratio16:9
First Time Filmmaker
Known Crew crew
Girish Macreri Director
Vinod Kumar. KP Producer
Known Cast cast
Aswathi Thara Mother
Known Companies company
Rythm creations production company

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